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For landowners seeking to diversify into wind energy, you can receive a financial subsidy under one of two schemes created by the Department of Energy & Climate Change. These give you a financial reward for your contribution to cutting carbon emissions by producing renewable electricity. Generally, smaller projects will be eligible for Feed-In Tariffs (FITS) for 20 years and larger projects will be eligible for the Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) scheme for up to 25 years.

Landowners will earn an income for each turbine on their land; the level of income depends on the size of turbine, wind speed and quality.

We work closely with landowners to ensure we minimise land take and allow other activities, such as farming, to continue. Sheep, cattle and other livestock will happily graze under turbines, and crop harvesting continues unaffected. A turbine typically uses less than an acre of land after taking into account the foundations and access.

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